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Business Management

Corporate Secretarial Services
Our company establishes and maintains company registers for a large number of our corporate clients, lodging all needed forms electronically. We are also willing to act as the Registered Office of companies for an annual fee.

Business Analysis
For those clients considering buying or selling businesses, our office is able to advise on valuations, finance, contracts and business structures.


Preparation of Taxation Returns
SVS Management Group Pty. Ltd. uses the latest Australian Taxation Office approved software to prepare and electronically lodge taxation returns for salary and wage earners, investors, sole traders, partnerships, companies, superannuation funds and trusts. The use of this software generally ensures that tax refund cheques are received within 14 days of lodgement of the return. SVS Management Group are willing to process refunds into client's nominated bank accounts.

Preparation and/or lodgement of BAS and IAS Returns
Our company meets all the legal and regulatory requirements in regard to the preparation and lodgement of all returns required under the new taxation regime. Electronic receipt and lodgement of these forms is undertaken on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. We also operate a GST Investment Trust to enable our clients to put aside the GST they will be required to pay on a regular basis.

Preparation and lodgement of FBT Returns
Our company can assist in the preparation and lodgement Fringe Benefits Tax Returns. We work with our clients to ensure adequate records are kept to record any benefits provided to employees.

Tax Planning
Opportunities to minimise taxation within the current legal framework are researched and recommendations are made where appropriate. However, the philosophy of this company is that tax minimisation is only one of a number of important aspects to be considered in the success of a business and it should not be pursued at the expense of all other objectives.


Our company can establish and manage self-managed superannuation funds on behalf of our clients. Our services include handling all statutory and audit requirements as well as the preparation of financial statements and the lodgement of income tax returns.

Education and Training

The company runs seminars and training courses independently and in conjunction with other specialists to improve the knowledge and understanding of our clients and other interested parties.

Government Program Assistance

For those clients who wish to claim some form of government assistance, we have available a consultant with extensive experience in Centrelink payments. Appointments can be made to seek assistance in the establishment of entitlements to pensions and other Centrelink payments and allowances.

Business Services

Financing and Property Services
Through our association with Leasecorp and Count, SVS Management Group is able to provide leasing, hire purchase, mortgage reduction and property services.

Manual Bookkeeping Services
The company also provides instruction in manual bookkeeping.

Management Accounting
Regular (monthly, quarterly and half yearly) financial statements are prepared and reported on. We work with our clients to prepare budgets. Comparisons with these budgets and prior years results are analysed and cash flow reports prepared.

Although auditing is not considered part of the core business of SVS Management Group, the company recognises its responsibility as part of the community of Yarra Glen and therefore employs contractors to undertake non-company audits on its behalf. In keeping with this community spirit the company aims to provide a thorough service which protects the integrity of the organisation in an economic manner.

Photocopy and Facsimile Services
As a service to the general public, our office provides photocopying and facsimile services. However, these services are not considered to be part of our core business and are therefore only provided when resources are available.

A full agency of Bendigo Bank is operated from 10 Bell Street, Yarra Glen: next door to our accounting practice. This means we are able to offer a complete range of banking services including lending which is facilitated through the Box Hill branch. Appointments with the Manager can be arranged at our office where we can assist with the preparation of the necessary documentation.

Software Support
Our company maintains current versions of MYOB (our preferred option,) Quickbooks and Cashflow Manager. We supply support services to our clients who use these programs and will consult on-site if required. All staff are encouraged to become proficient in one or more of these programs and to be available to handle clients' queries. All three programs are used within our business to ensure competency is maintained.


SVS Management Group Pty Ltd provides value for service to all our clients. Fees are based on the time taken to complete tasks and the complexity of the task involved. Staff have different charge out rates according to these criteria and charge out rates therefore vary from $110 per hour to $250 per hour depending upon the level of expertise and skill required. All staff are encouraged to value their services and to be thorough and to charge out their time accordingly. If required, an estimate of the costs involved in any task can be given before the engagement is undertaken.

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